About Us


Pedro Diniz
• Entrepreneur, investor and CEO, TocaFarm;
• Board member of Peninsula, Project Drawdown, Kiss the Ground and Food Tank.
Fabio Sakamoto
• Founder, 2+Capital (Grupo Boticário);
• Advisor, Bain&Company (Brazil, USA, Hong Kong).
Marcelo Marzola
• Entrepreneur in Marketing Technology;
• Co-founder, Predicta;
• Director of Digital Transformations - LATAM, Spencer Stuart.

Core Team

Fernando Tersi
Operations Director
• Agroindustrial Operations Director, Cerradinho (Sugar and Ethanol);
• Agriculture Operations Director, Citrosuco;
• Agriculture Operations Manager , Cambuhy.
Nayana Rizzo Sampaio
Communications and Community Director
• Executive Director, Johnson & Johnson;
• Senior Manager Corporate Affairs, Syngenta.
• Senior Manager, Government Relations and Public Policy, General Electric.
Osvaldo Serrano (Juca)
Technical Director
• Agriculture Director at Toca Farm, responsible for implementing agroforestry systems;
• Pioneer in the Brazilian organic market with more than 20 years of experience in the area.
Eduardo Roxo
Business Development Leader
• Founder of Atina Natural;
• Environmental Advisor;
• Master in Ecology with 15 years experience in forestry